Hokusai's Mt.Fuji in Japanese and English

対訳 北斎の富士 (新・おはなし名画シリーズ) Hokusai's Mt.Fuji in Japanese and English
Hokusai's Mt.Fuji in Japanese and English

西村 和子

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Katsushika Hokusai(1760-1849) was an aritist of genius who was active in the later years of Edo period.
Early on his works gained recognition overseas and toward the end of the nineteenth century, together with those of other ukiyo-e artsits, had gread influence on the Impressionist and Post Impressionist artist such as Vincint van Gogh.
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Choju Giga in Japanese and English

Choju Giga(The Scroll of Frolicking Animals), which has been handed down for centuries, is said to have been produced about 900 years ago.
This artisitic masterpiece, regarded by some as the origin of manga, contains vivid depiction of animals engaged in lively antics.
Let's enjoy looking at the charming and fascinating ways in which the animals behave and imagine how the people in the old days lived and played.
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